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About Us / Diversity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

We believe diverse perspectives and inclusion policies are more than afterthoughts or isolated efforts. At Musick Peeler, we embrace a wide range of viewpoints, multicultural collaboration, and inclusion. It’s how we serve clients, conduct business, and maintain excellence in the practice of law.

Our continuing mission is to support diverse attorneys and professional staff, who come to us from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, so they can build and sustain thriving careers and fulfilling lives within our collaborative environment. We achieve this through the pursuit of our core beliefs:

People First

We embrace programs and initiatives to further mentorship, talent development and the advancement of diverse people and ideas.

Professional Excellence

We focus on providing meaningful opportunities for diverse attorneys and professionals.

Promotion of Values

We pursue cultural inclusion and diversity education and events to expand awareness and next-generation realignment of values.

Purposeful Change

We respond to the demands of our clients, attorneys, professional organizations, and communities to create a future path for growth and connection.

California’s Deep Diversity

We seek to level the playing field, combat bias, and promote greater understanding among and between people. Our commitment to bring underrepresented and diverse insights to the forefront is one of the many ways we nurture and value our talented professionals — and best serve our clients.

Rooted deep in California’s forward-thinking tradition of fresh approaches and pioneering visions, Musick Peeler continues to expand its values of collegiality and openness as we deliver high-quality legal services and improve the quality of our communities.

Inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our firm. At Musick Peeler, we believe that a diverse workforce leads to a richer exchange of ideas and perspectives.