Partner, Jane Usher, moderates Westside Urban Forum panel

Partner, Jane Usher, moderates Westside Urban Forum panel


Partner, Jane Usher, moderated the Westside Urban Forum panel entitled "A New Vision for the Westside - X 4!".  

Will the Westside change dramatically, or maintain the status quo?

One of the many results of the failed, but influential, Measure S of 2017 was the City of Los Angeles's pledge to hasten its historically slow process of updating Community Plans. The stakes have never been higher, with climate change, traffic, the housing crisis, and myriad other forces bearing down on the Westside.

While the City's General Plan Framework Element establishes citywide principles for growth and development, its Community Plans collectively comprise the bedrock of urban planning, from visionary aspirations down to neighborhood-specific details. The Department of City Planning has completed several Community Plans since 2015 and is now working on its first four Westside updates: West Los Angeles, Palms/Mar Vista/Del Rey, Venice, and Westchester/Playa del Rey. The planning process is being accelerated – to three years rather than what has historically taken up to a decade. All of which may add up to a spirited, and necessary, discussion about the future of the community – and a challenge for the city to mediate. 

This month at WUF, we will discuss the community planning process, get a status update on the Westside plans, and hear about the city's initial vision for the future of the Westside. We will interrogate the processes for recently updated plans to learn how Westside stakeholders can share their visions with the city and discuss how the plans might respond to the re:codeLA project. Meanwhile, the plans will have to respond to new state and regional mandates concerning housing targets and, of course, will undergo scrutiny from stakeholders, the City Planning Commission, and City Council.

Jane Usher, Partner, Musick, Peeler & Garrett; Former Chair, Los Angles City Planning Commission

Shana Bonstin, Dep. Director of Community Planning, Los Angeles Dept. of City Planning
Tom Donovan, Esq., Former Chair, West Los Angeles Planning Commission
Romerol Malveaux, Liemert Park Activist and former Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment Field Director
Mott Smith, Co-Founder, Civic Enterprise

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