Musick Peeler Attorneys Assist in $12 million School Bond Sale

Musick Peeler Attorneys Assist in $12 million School Bond Sale


Partner Brian Holman led the firm’s efforts on behalf of iLEAD Lancaster

LOS ANGELES – May 10, 2021 -- iLEAD Lancaster Public Charter School has secured the long-term use of its charter school facilities through the issuance of $12 million in social bonds for the benefit of the school with the assistance of Musick Peeler.

The California School Finance Authority issued social bonds on behalf of iLead Lancaster Holdings LLC., which used the bond proceeds to finance the acquisition of the school’s approximately 37,113-square-foot facility and 4.15 acres of adjacent land.  ILead Lancaster Holdings LLC concurrently leased the property to the school under a 40-year lease.  Brian L. Holman, a Partner in Musick Peeler’s Los Angeles office who led the negotiations for the school, said the new lease provides the school with long-term facilities stability and room for development of additional facilities.

“For a school themed around deeper learning and understanding, things like capacity and space are critically important. We were pleased to see this deal through,” said Holman, who focuses his practice on advising and representing charter schools and other parties in financing transactions and other matters. Holman has represented charter schools or other parties in transactions involving than $1 billion in loans to school facility owners. 

iLEAD Lancaster currently serves 815 students grades K-8., with curriculums based around individualized, project-based, and real-world learning opportunities. According to its website, the school’s curriculums are based on a new paradigm: Project-Based Deeper Learning. The school aims to create “learning environments that promote deeper understanding and celebrate independent critical thinking, cooperation, and the development of crucial 21st-century skills.”