Theodore A. Chester, Jr.

Partner, Los Angeles Office


Theodore A. Chester, Jr. is a partner in the Firm's Los Angeles office.  His major area of practice is water law.  Mr. Chester has handled a wide variety of litigation and transactions with a special emphasis on protecting water rights.  He has extensive experience with, and has successfully prosecuted and defended, cases relating to state water rights and federal reclamation statutes and contracts.  Mr. Chester has represented landowners, water users, and districts concerning issues of water quantity, price, and drainage, and defended their rights against interference by governmental entities, juniors and others.

Mr. Chester's cases include a Ninth Circuit published decision directing the United States to provide statutorily mandated drainage in California's Central Valley, resulting in a monetary settlement of more than $140 million for his clients.  In another case, a federal district court determined in a published opinion that the United States legislatively breached the pricing provisions of a federal water contract, resulting in a very favorable settlement for Mr. Chester's clients.  Mr. Chester is actively involved in connection with water rights matters in the Imperial Valley, Antelope Valley, and Santa Clara River Valley.  

Prior to joining Musick Peeler, Mr. Chester was managing partner for Smiland Chester Alden LLP.


  •  State Bar of California