International (Europe and Canada)

Musick Peeler has a long history of representing European and Canadian entities in regard to complex and sophisticated legal matters, including mergers and acquisitions, project financing, business formation, intellectual property protection, litigation and arbitration, real estate, and other inbound investments. Members of our team have practiced law in Europe and Canada, and have developed a deep understanding of the needs of our clients from those regions.  This experience enables Musick Peeler to provide legal assistance tailored to the needs of our clients seeking to engage in successful cross-border transactions or resolve complex legal issues.

We are also very well equipped to guide our US clients as they engage in outbound investments in Europe and Canada. Our experience of working in those regions combined with our international network of independent law firms, allows us to successfully assist our clients on matter outside of the U.S.

Musick Peeler's Europe – Canada Group, is comprised of highly qualified U.S. lawyers, with Canadian and European qualifications or experience. Our team services a full range of business needs in Europe (including France, Germany, The Netherlands. the UK) and the United States for our clients. Our attorneys regularly assist our clients on various matters connected to Europe and Canada, including the following:

  • Acquisitions and joint ventures in a wide range of industries;
  • Various cross-border commercial contracts, such as distribution, agency and sale of goods agreements;
  • International arbitration and cross-border litigation;
  • Incorporating US legal entities on behalf of European and Canadian companies and investors;
  • Advising and developing GDRP privacy policies;
  • Assisting clients in transferring their European headquarters to the United States;
  • Drafting and advising on international employee secondment agreements;
  •  Negotiating strategic master supply and manufacturing agreements; and
  • Negotiating and advising on international and US-based joint ventures.

Our clients often find the expertise, experience, and professional contacts of the Europe-Canada Group useful for the purpose of keeping current with developments in new and emerging sectors of the economy and in regard to structuring complex transactions in a fast-moving international market.

The French-speaking corner We have several French-speaking attorneys at Musick Peeler and are also well versed in the civil law systems. One of our attorney Lionel Bochurberg is an active member of the Quebec bars (and former member of the Paris bar), and is a natural resource for French-speaking entrepreneurs and companies in the United States, and serves also as a bridge between the clients and local resources in French-speaking countries (France, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, French-speaking African countries.

Pour les clients francophones Nous avons chez Musick Peeler plusieurs avocats francophones et pouvons vous accompagner en français sur vos problématiques juridiques américaines. Lionel Bochurberg, docteur en droit de l’Université de Paris I, avocat actif du barreau du Québec et membre inactif du barreau de Paris a ainsi développé une pratique tournée vers les clients francophones, de manière à faciliter la compréhension des enjeux légaux américains et à coordonner les activités avec les différentes équipes travaillant sur un projet.


Clients of the Europe Canada Group benefit from the proficiency of Musick Peeler's 100-plus attorneys who provide a full range of legal services covering: Academic institutions, Appellate, Construction, Corporate, Environmental & Public Law, Financial Institutions, Health Care, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Oil & Gas/Energy, Real Estate, Tax & Employee Benefits and Trusts & Estates.